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I’m 20, from the North Coast of NSW, Australia and I love music. I’ve been involved in music (in some way shape or form) from the age of about 4. I’ve played a few different instruments, some better than others and about 6 years ago, heard my first few EDM songs. From there on in it has been a love hate relationship and about 1 year into that relationship I decided to have a go at writing and DJing it. As it turns out, DJing was not my strong suit, but after 5 years of learning the in’s and out’s of a few DAW’s, I’m finally starting to get my head around the many concepts of production. Finding that a lot of EDM can be very emotionless, I try and put my heart and soul into most of my songs. I take a lot of influence from Artist’s like Twilight, Double Tech, Mult1verse, Bubble, Neelix, heaps of other well known and not so well known Psychedelic/Progressive Trance artists and of course heaps of other artists from lots of other genres. I’m still trying to discover exactly what my own style or fit in the scene is but I hope that I getting to close to finding it.