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"The dreaming mind is simply a return to life before we had words.” The architect behind Dreamstate is River Henricks, at the age of 15 River began developing an ear for psychedelic trance, the likes of Phaxe, NOK and Twilight became the inspiration for many years to come. In 2009 River discovered the power of Music production, he used this as a tool to translate his dreams into reality for others to appreciate & enjoy. From here River spawned established psytrance duo ‘High Calibre’, and Funk breakbeat ‘Two Up’. Dreamstate is however the most reflective of Rivers stylistic approach to music, combining many elements of classic psytrance and progressive with innovative and intelligent new concepts that have intrigued the minds of many dance floors around Australia. Dreamstate has been busy in the studio preparing his debut release which will be carefully crafted to enlighten his audience.