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Some might think that a big city is the only source of cultural trends. But listening to the sound of a metropolis, it sometimes seems to be kind of incestuous in terms of innovation and independency. In contrast, truly groundbreaking ideas often come from remote places.

Meet Mitchell Storey: Based in the picturesque hinterland of New South Wales he develops his very own approach towards modern Psytrance, an approach that literally makes him the voice of a new generation of producers. 

It is 2007 when the young Australian starts up the project Creten. First productions spontaneously draw attention because of their unusual usage of vocals: By rhythmically merging human voices into strong, rolling Psytrance grooves like instruments rather than classical singing, he creates an irresistible catchiness. Always quirky, kind of cartoon-like synth leads are another important trademark of him, clearly showing a healthy sense of humour.

Within no time his talent is discovered by the local scene, resulting in invitations to Exodus Festival, the Nimbin Mardi-Grass, Collaborations Festival or Lost the Plot Festival.  When Creten presents his debut album “Dynomanic” in 2011, his career brakes through to the international scene, gigs in Switzerland mark the beginning of overseas bookings.And then playing at Earth Dance New Caledonia. Being asked to play at the international Eclipse Festival 2012 in Cairns represents another important milestone.

Whenever the quirky, vocal-infused grooves of Creten boost from a sound system, his fun-loving attitude rubs off on the audience - a feature that clearly makes him one of the most up-and-coming talents of the international Psytrance scene!