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Australian born -SYNCH- A.k.A Sliprail started his psychedelic journey at the tender age of 15 Attending his first outdoor festival at a hippie commune it was that night his love for psychedelic trance was born attending numerous festivals he was lucky enough to witness some of the biggest trance acts around too date including Eskimo, Timelock, Visual Paradox, Rinkadink, Popstream, X-noise, Headroom , Zen Mechanics, Loud, U-recken, Nitro, Nitrodrop, I-Drop, Gothica, Whitenoise, Switch, Cycle Shere, and many more. Inspired by music and a love for parties it was after being in the scene for a number of years the DJ persona Sliprail was formed Playing at some of the larger festivals Australia has too offer including Mardi Grass - Exodus-giant jam- Lost The Plot and many more, he drew inspiration from close friends Active-8 , Beatrix, Positive Thought, Spliffun, Twilight, Quench, Terrafractyl, Soundwave, Multiverse, Home made and several others too create the brain child SYNCH and moved into production...

Using Cubase sx3 and a pair of second hand Logitech speakers the sounds that are known too be SYNCH were crafted, Through several years of studio time YouTube tutorials and gaining knowledge from close friends in the Northern New South Wales Scene. He has developed a unique sound Described as powerful and uplifting projecting positive energy too the dance floor. With future prospects with Airglow Records and currently working on his debut E.P the future sound of synch looks bright, with album work in the coming years he looks forward to the next show, stay tuned for more…